Message from President

We make full use of sound manufacturing whose main axis is precision, to help create the future.

We have been nurturing an unwavering spirit of consistency in our "manufacturing" since our foundation in 1963.
That spirit is still very much living and growing inside us every day now, precisely because the challenges we face are unlimited and without end.
"The new manufacturing that the future demands", "Manufacturing that will impress our customers", "Manufacturing that will make our own hearts leap" I firmly believe that these kinds of truly essential things simply arise from the will of the creators themselves.
As a manufacturer of super precision components, Dai-ichi Seiko has established a vertically integrated production system, from design to mass production, in order to respond to a wide range of needs. And in recent years we have been actively developing our own brand of products, keeping changing market trends clearly in view, and by aiming to have all employees share the same, our stride is ever forward and vibrant, in order to create future global standards.
This technology and spirit of ours will be a tremendous resource in the future with which to create a further sense of presence and ever more results, in new business arenas as well.
The Dai-ichi Seiko Group will raise the slogans "Perfection in PRECISION" and "Make it well", and by taking "our manufacturing" to new heights, go on creating results and making a contribution to everyone, be they stakeholders or members of the wider community.


Manufacturing Philosophy

Perfection in PRECISION

"Perfection in PRECISION" That is, make the hundreds of thousands, millions of precision products that are produced ever day well, according to the strictest standards, and so achieve stable, high quality for each and every one.
Being able to guarantee the quality of the products created depends entirely on how refined the process of their creation is. In order to be able to create products which are always better, we make the parts which form the core of the production process with our own hands. That is Dai-ichi Seiko's approach and policy when it comes to manufacturing.